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 Our Services

  Our straight forward pricing lets you know right away the price of your photo fix. Retouches fall into 3 categories. You may choose as many services as you wish from the categories for the price listed.

  1. Category 1 - $5.00 per photo Choose Any or All Fixes Below for this price!

      -Image Crop: Trim portions of your photo.
      -Blemish Removal: Remove unwanted blemishes such as acne, cold sores, scars, etc.
      -Red Eye removal: Remove Red Eye from your photo.
      -Remove stray hairs
      -Remove facial shine
      -Teeth Whitening: Make those teeth shine in your photos!
      -Eye Enhancement: Remove eye baggage, enhance eye color.
      -Remove second catchlight
      -Basic Photo Enlargment: Enlarge the size of your photo for uploading to websites and printing.
      -Basic Photo Combination: Combine two photos together for that special look.
      -Basic Effects: Make your photo stand out with Drop Shadows, Glow, Frame Borders and Bevels.

  2. Category 2 - Price $10.00 per photo Choose Any or All Fixes Below for the Price!
      -Category 1: Anything that falls under Category 1 above.
      -Object Removal: Remove unwanted objects from your photo.
      -Object Additions: Add objects to your photo (people addition in category 3).
      -Changing Photo Backgrounds: Change the background of your photo.
      -Advanced Photo Combination: Combine 2 or more photos into one photo.
      -Brace Removal: Take those dental braces off for your pictures.
      -Open Closed Eyes
      -Swap Heads
      -Sepia Tone: Giving your photo the timeless sepia tone look.
      -Black & White: Change any photo from color to Black and White for a classic photography look.
      -Hair Lightening: Change or enhance the color of hair in your photographs
      -Skin Coloration: Lighten or Darken skin tones.
  3. Category 3 – Price $20.00 per photo
      -Category 1 & 2: Anything that falls under Category 1 or Category 2 above.
      -Remove twenty pounts or twenty years!
      -Adding People to Photo: Add that missing person to your family photo!
      -Removing People from Photo : Remove that unwanted person from your photo (passer by's, unwanted   gestures, etc).
   *If you are interested to work with us on a regular basis, contact us for a volume discounted price.